3. Custom Options (Page)

In the backend of your site, go to Pages > All Pages > Blog page > Edit Page > Custom Options to custom all options follow what you want.

Example: You can do follow this steps below:



Step 01. If you want to use separate custom page header, turn it ON to Enable Custom Header, otherwise the default is off.

Step 02. Sticky Header: You can Disable it or choose the style Sticky Header.

Step 03. If you don’t want to Enable Topbar, turn it on. The option will display like this image below:



You also might add the content for the Header Topbar in the Text Topbar box.



Step 05. Header Layout: You can select the Header layout for your site here.

Step 06. Header Text Color: Select the text color in the Header of your site here. You may also change the color here.

Step 07.  Header Background Color: Select the Background color in the Header of your site here. You also can change the color here.

Step 08. Header Type: You can choose type of Header for your site here.

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