01. Create new Size Guide

You can do follow this steps below to create new Size Guide for your site:

Go to Ciloe > Size Guide Builder > Add New



After add the new Size Guide, click on Backend Editor > WPBakery Page Builder > Add new Element



– In Add Element tab > All Options > Single Image shortcode.



– After Add shortcode, click on “Edit” to setting some options of this shortcode.



РIn Single Image Settings tab > General 



1. Image Source: You can select image source here: Media library, External link or Featured image.

2. You can add the Size Guide image of your products here.

3. You can choose the image size here.

4. Choose the image alignment here: Left, Right, Center…

5. Click “Save changes” to save your settings in Single Image shortcode tab.

NOTE: At last, don’t forget click on “Publish” to save all your settings and publish your Size Guide.

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