02. How to use Size Guide in the product?

After create the Size Guide in Size Guide Builder, you can go to the Product > All Product > Choose any product > Click Edit product > Custom Options 

1.. Turn ON this button if you want to use Size Guide, otherwise turn it OFF.

2. If you turn Size Guide ON, you can select the Style of Size Guide for product which you have create in Size Guide Builder.

3. Choose the Product style here.



– The product style can be is: Default style, Thumbnail Vertical, Sticky Detail, Gallery Detail… Then please click on “Update” to save your settings.



Example with a product which we use Size Guide, in the frontend it will display like the image below:

– Click on “Size Guide” to view the Size Guide table of the product.



– After you click on “Size Guide” the Size Guide table like the image below will display.


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