5. Plugins License

There are two premium plugins are bundled with Cislen and do not require additional licensing in order to use with Cislen. They are WPBakery Page Builder and Revolution Slider plugins. We purchased them from codecanyone.net and included them in the theme package. We are not allowed to include the license key for each of them. If there is any update, we are accountable for updating the theme with the newest version of plugins. In fact, the license key will not help you anything even updating plugins to the newest version. Only direct buyers can do this. Because we provide those with the themes. Therefore, we will take care of updating them for our customers. Just take a look at the link by the author of plugins to see more.

Can I update WPBakery Page Builder if I have purchased it in a theme?

– How do I update the premium plugins?

Cislen does include updates for our premium plugins (Revolution Slider and WPBakery Page Builder). However, this does not mean that you will receive an individual license for these premium plugins. Due to Envato’s licensing rules, we can only issue updates for these plugins when we issue a theme update. This also ensures that we fully test the plugin to make sure there are no critical bugs that will conflict with our own update.

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