01. Create new product with WPBakery Shortcode (Product Builder)

If you want to create a new product with WPBakery shortcode or Product Builder, you can do follow these steps below:

Example: Go to product > click Classic Mode > Add Element. 



Add Element tab > All > Row shortcode.





1. Insert the widget title here.

2. You can select the image source here.

3. Select the image from Media Library here.

4. You can set up the image size here.

5. Click on this box to add image captions.

6. Select image alignment here.

7. Select the image style when display here.

8. Don’t forget to click on “Save changes” to save your settings.


With Casano: Custom Heading shortcode, you can set some options below:



  1. Add Text source here.

2. Add text for this Custom heading here.

3. Insert the URL for Custom Heading here.

4. Add the element tag here.

5. Select the text alignment here.

6. Add the font size for the custom heading here.

7. Don’t forget click on “Save changes“.

– You also can do the same with another shortcode to create a product with the style like the image below:


– Click on “Edit Row” to set up the margin, padding, border… of row.



– The Row Settings tab like the image below will display.






– After complete all setting, don’t forget to click on “Publish” to publish your product. Go to the frontend, your product will look like this image below:


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