2. How to use Product Pin?

Simply, Go to Product Pin > Used.

Step 01: Click on the image had chosen to add pin product for this.



Step 02: Hotspot: Click to “Plus + button” to add pin for the image. Or you also can click directly to the image where you want to add the pin mapper.

Click 03: Shortcode single image: You can get this shortcode and paste it to any other page where you want to display this product.



Step 4: Pin Product: After you add the pin to the image, you can drag and drop it where you want to put it.

Step 5: Select Product: You can find and select the item which you want to pin from “Product Page“.



Step 6: Delete icon: You can click here to remove the pin which chosen.



Step 7: You can copy the Shortcode of the single image pin mapper to paste to any page which you want to use this shortcode. Example the image below:



– After paste the shortcode of single image > Publish > View Page. In front-end will be displayed like this:



Step 8: Addition, you can copy the shortcode of the Instagram Shop Gallery Pinning to use for what ever page which you want. View example below:



Then, click to Publish > View page. And in front-end will be displayed like this:


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