1. Translate your site

In order to translate your website completely, there are things you need to translate:

  1. Activated theme – In case you are using a child theme, the theme you need to translate must be the parent theme. For example, if you are using Lebe Child theme, the child theme of Lebe, you must translate Lebe.
  2. Installed plugins – With included plugins in Konte, you must translate them manually. With plugins from WordPress.org, you need to check if they are translated into your language or not. If they are not translated, you need to translate them manually too.
  3. Some Options – With some options of theme, plugins, you must edit it to change the default value. For example, the plugin Mailchimp For WP will create a default form. You must edit it to change some text strings like “Email”, “Name”,…

There are two ways to translate themes and plugins on your website: Using plugins. In next articles we will how you how to use them.

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